Smuggling a crystal in your handbag and secretly saging your work space before clients arrive? Trying to encourage your clients to breathe and meditate but they're just not down with it?

Want to find a way to use the spiritual tools and techniques that you love with your current clients without them running for the hills?

 Want a professional training course and qualification that doesn't require a month on silent retreat in Tibet?


Then read on... 

Our Diploma in Mind-Body Healing Practices will equip you with ALL the knowledge and skills required to create transformation in your clients without you EVER needing to put on a preachy guru status teacher hat or play whale music. In-fact using these techniques does not require you to be anything other than who you already are. And better yet, doesnt ask your client to change either.

We believe that spiritual tools and techniques are for EVERYONE and that they can be honoured with love and the respect that they deserve whilst still aligning them with modern life!

Spirituality is a big part of who you are and thats no accident. Your call to explore these practices is there so that you can heal yourself BUT also so that you can share and help others too!

Our Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathwork and Energy Healing techniques can be integrated easily into your fitness; coaching; counselling or wellbeing business so that YOU can amplify and skyrocket your clients results which means you can make more money, more quickly and more easily whilst feeling that finally you are working and serving in your most authentic and honest way yet.

Our detailed diploma covers the following modules:

Teaching Mindfulness and Meditation: our easy three-step approach; writing transformative guided meditation scripts; aromatherapy to support meditation; modern music to support meditation.

Reading and working with the Energy System: the chakra system; identifying areas for healing; using heart opening meditations; creating heart, brain and body co-herence for healing.

Healing through movement: benefits of easy seated and standing stretches; movement sequences for healing.

Breathwork for relaxation, release and healing: The breath as an emotional barometer; breathwork for healing; conscious breathwork; breathing during meditation.

Perks: Manual, class plans; facebook group; business development training and on-going support; life time access to course content; annual cpd

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