A Prince; A Princess; A Super Hero?

What did you dream of becoming when you were little?

Somewhere along the way those big dreams, the ambition and the self-belief leak away and suddenly you’re 35 with a floor to mop, school uniform to wash and a takeaway to burn off at the gym, if you can only escape there!

Meditation makes you feel like a SuperHero!

One of the things that I love most about X-HAIL is that our sessions allow you to connect to who you really are beneath the layers of what society told you to be!

And that’s when you remember just how incredible you are and life seems full of possibility again!

When I was younger I dreamt of being a TV presenter and used to steal all my mum's beauty products and imagine I was teaching people how to use them on telly. To be fair a radio presenter would have done too; me, my brother and our friends spent hours recording radio shows and our own songs to boot!

But somewhere along the way I stopped believing and started engineering smallness in my life, ducking out of opportunities and playing down any achievement I made as an example, I got casted for my very first fashion show and I didn't even tell my mum and dad, I'm surprised I even went at all!

I slowly stopped dreaming and fell inline with what the school said I should be doing; to what other people expected me to be which was anything but a presenter as an otherwise quite introverted child; to what my friends were doing as I didn't want to have to find new ones or be left out of the crowd!

Finally, aged 30 something I decided enough was enough, I remembered all those dreams and just how exciting life could be if I did things my way and so I quit my job and started my own business, not presenting but teaching, holding workshops and giving talks. And I've never looked back! This year I'll teach to groups of up to 80 at once, maybe even more at festivals and exhibitions, and I'll be on that stage where I always wanted to be!

Don’t get me wrong real life gets in the way sometimes, I get lost in everyday life admin, self-doubt and criticism and I can feel myself making myself small again; but back to the mat I go and I leave again with clarity, connection, confidence and creativity, ready to take up space!

Trust us or the science behind it- our meditation techniques improve blood flow to the

pre-frontal cortex which is in charge of our sense of self and brain waves generated at the same time are those associated with stress relief- so you are rested and less risk adverse; they are also associated with creativity so your imagination can run wild again! Hello big dreams!

Sit with us and find out for yourself!

Classes nationwide 🇬🇧

Photo taken with my mini me @disneylandparis where magic gets real!

Charlotte xoxo

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