4 ways that you know that you're in the wrong job!

January 8, 2018


In 2016, I handed in my notice three times!


And practically everyone I know has had a moment in their career like that too.


A moment where they have thought they should pack up and walk out, right there and then! 


Most of us have experienced that sense of wanting more.


I certainly have. It was deep, profound almost like an ache that came and went.


But each time it came back, it meant business. That feeling was stronger than ever before.


Most of us have felt the pull of an idea or of a change that we wonder if is our true purpose or calling too.


Even though I loved teaching, I just knew on some level, that my business idea was what i was meant to be doing.


I felt like it was my calling.


I believe we all have a calling.


I also believe that just as we grow and evolve and transform so do our callings.


Looking back mine has evolved and changed more than once over just a few years. 


You can also have more than one calling going on at once too!


That sense of excitement mixed with fear, fulfilment and contentment mixed with constant momentum, joy mixed with awe once you've found it and are living it, is difficult to define and completely unique to you and your vocab. 


But what is easier to define is what it feels like when you have not found it....


1. You and your job feel small- when we take the leap to move into a promotion or new career or launch a business that is our calling it will feel MASSIVE!


If it is your true calling it will feel like an impossibly big leap and it will continue to feel big as you step into it too!


Part of you will want to run and hide.

Part of you will want to stay small.

Small in the wrong job.

Small in mediocrity.


It may feel inconvenient. Your calling may come at the wrong time.


You will need to play big to and be courageous to navigate your calling and your subconscious mind WILL NOT LIKE IT. Our subconcious is designed to keep us where we are.

Nice and safe. But also nice and small. Small and stuck.


You may need to face conflict from your friends and your family, maybe even society when you start to live your calling.


In so many ways living your calling will feel BIG.


So if you and your job feel small, unchallenged, stuck and not growing, not facing fears and transforming- it is time for you to leave.


We are designed to crave growth and transformation.


Denying that for yourself, is like denying part of who you are and the riches of true fulfilment will never be yours. 


2. You feel like you've compromised- Your calling will never feel like a compromise.


There will be no sacrifice of yourself, your integrity, your values, your beliefs, your health, your family.


You won't need to betray yourself and do things that somehow don't feel right. Don't get be wrong, there will be some pushing out of your comfort zone as you grow leading up to taking the action, but once you are actually taking it, it will feel GOOD! 


A true calling allows you to fully express who you are, you can speak, be and live your true song. There is no need to bend or shape yourself to fit. You feel complete and whole as you work, rather than feeling like there must be more to life or that there is something missing in that area of life. 


3. You feel like it's an uphill struggle- When you have found your calling and you are living it, once you have removed the doubt and the worry, it will flow.


It should feel easy and joyful.


Talk to anyone who is living their calling they will tell you, although there was hard work, opportunities just opened up, things dropped away that weren't needed, clients appeared when they least expected it, solutions and support were easy to find, syncronitcities were everywhere.


They will also tell you that they didn't need to wait until they had achieved big goals in their jobs or businesses in order to feel like they were doing an amazing job and that they absolutely loved it. With a true calling the work feels like the reward not just the achievements!


Now, there will be obstacles and you will get tried, after all a calling usually requires you to give more of yourself than you have before, and to play big and be courageous, which can be tough, but overall it should feel easy.


However, some of us, myself included at points, will not give overselves permission for it to be easy, we have created a blue-print in our psyche that tells us work should be hard or that we don't deserve it to be easy- and so we sabotage our ideas by over-complication, by perfectionism, by self-criticism, by creating imaginary road blocks, by not asking for support.


Be as self-aware as you can in pursuit of your calling and ask yourself 'Could I make this easier?'. Is there another way, before you jack it all in? 


4. An idea or opportunity won't leave you alone- Most people who are now living their calling have spent many years denying or ignoring it's pull.


A hallmark trait of a true calling is that there are threads of it throughout your life, even in childhood. A true calling will always have it's routes in who you are at your core, who you were as a child.


It also won't pass you by. So if that promotion keeps cropping back up on the staff notices email circular, or if you keep getting pangs of jealousy watching your neighbour working on her business, if you keep feeling inspired to launch that online store or if you keep feeling pulled to say something on an issue or take a stand, follow that instinct! It will keep coming back until you do! 


So... I'd love to know, are YOU in the wrong job?


Tell us below!


And if you'd like extra support in finding or stepping into your calling you can contact me at www.charlotte-victoria.com or by dropping me a PM or email on info@charlotte-victoria.com


C xx

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