How I stopped worrying for good, well almost!

February 12, 2018


For the first time in ages, this weekend I have really noticed that I have been worrying. 


Worrying about a big opportunity that I have been offered!


On the one hand its a no brainer but on the other as it's slightly, read massively, out of my comfort zone and as it wasn't in my plan it has thrown up loads of things for me to worry about.


Should I go for it? Should I not?

What if I make a fool of myself?

What if it is too much work?

What if it's not in alignment with who I am and what I want to be?


What if, what if what if....?


And I feel shit for it!


It's been a long time since I have felt an attack of the worries like this!

So here is how I have been dealing with it this weekend and how I have drastically rescued my worrying over the past few months.


1. I stare the fear in the face! I expose myself to the exact fear that I am most scared of materialising. What is the worst case scenario here? I jot it down. Sometimes it's a big list sometimes there's just one thing on there. I then work my way through each point with a solution e.g. Fear: I may not make any money and not be able to pay my bills! Solution: I have enough to last a month saved up. If it gets that bad I'll just get a job. Any job. 


2. If there are any unknowns surrounding the thing I'm considering/worrying about I take action to get more definite information e.g. if I'm worrying I may not have enough time to commit to something I seek out the answer to how long it will actually take to complete by consulting others, the organiser or client or by planning out my week to see where I could slot it in around my existing commitments.


3. I remind myself that there are no mistakes in life. Even if I fall on my face I know and I now 100% trust that whilst it may be inconvenient and a bit disheartening at the time, every obstacle, misfortune, accident, failing is for a reason. There is learning to be gained from every wrong turn. There are people to meet, encounters to have, events to experience all bringing us closer to where we want to be and all that we wouldn't have had if we hadn't failed. Sometimes things don't work out as we planned and if they don't it is because we deserved more! We deserved the journey! 


4. I go one step further and encourage myself to fail fast and fail forward. Whilst I don't dwell on what could go wrong I know that the quicker I fail the quicker I get it right! Learn and move on. Just keep on swimming!


5. I ask myself to turn to love and hope and expect miracles! We focus so much on what could go wrong lots of my clients forget about what could go right and sometimes I am right there with them when I am looking at my own plans until I catch myself. What we hold most in our consciousness is that which tends to manifest!  


And so soothed by trust in my path and in the notion that failure is just a part of the journey, I am here ready to accept the opportunity in front of me.


Even if I fail, even if its awful, its still perfect! 


How do you deal with worry?

Let me know over in my group



C xx


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