Mic Drop!

March 13, 2018

So you may have noticed over the past few days that there has been a little change of direction. 


What may seem like a random U-turn to the outside world.


For me it feel more like a coming home!


Over the past few months I have been helping women launch a fair few businesses.


This came about because people were asking me to do it! People were asking for advice and so I followed the ease. People had a problem and I had a solution. It served both parties well.


But, and you'll know this if you've worked with me, at heart I am a soulful type of gal!


What comes most easily to me is supporting people to feel connected.


Connected to themselves, their identity, their strengths, their power, their journey, their dreams and to the universe.


I first realised I was pretty awesome at this when I was teaching my antenatal classes.


Deep in meditation, (yes, if you came to my classes YOU can meditate! there's a mic drop in itself!) brought about by a calming breath, rhythm and repitition of movements, affirmations and mantras, I started to be really aware of the healing that was taking place week by week.


Little miracles of transformations, facilitated by this deep state of calm and connectedness, to me to each other, to themselves and to the universe.


I noticed softening in the faces and bodies of women who had carried the burden of guilt about traumatic previous births, as they realised that it was never anything they did. I heard women talk of believing in their physical and emotional strength and power despite years of hating the way their body looked and feeling disconnected from their true identity. I saw relief in the eyes of women who felt held and supported by themselves, us and the world just by the quiet and solace of a dedicated space just to be and breathe. I felt the ripples of healing leave my mind and travel all the way around each circle of women back to my own. I saw it coloured luminous green too! I understood the power of meditation and visualisation as women often achieved the births they had dreamt of. 


Like so often though, there was a lot of resistance, a lot of false starts, a lot of backing out, a lot of who am I do create something like this!


But here I am doing it!


So from today, expect Modern Meditation, Manifestation and Miracles from me and my content!


What will that mean for you?


Expect to feel deeper connection.


Connection to your true self and an acceptance of your responsibility to be GREAT!


A realisation that you were born GREAT and that you still are.


An understanding that your dreams and desires are part of the plan for you to continue to be or help you remember your GREATness.


A realisation that your struggles, pain and suffering were and are part of the path to your GREATness.


A recognition that they too are in fact miracles, manifested in perfect form in perfect time.


And with that you'll feel heard, held, supported and at peace. Which ultimately means you can go out and achieve big things. That you can stop hiding. That you can stop feeling stuck. That you can live! 


I hope you stick around for the ride,

Charlotte xoxo.

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March 13, 2018

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