This isn't just about stress relief...

January 22, 2019


What if I told you X-HAIL wasn't JUST about managing your stress levels.


What if it was about more than that!


What if it was about being in a place where you felt SO relaxed, so comfortable, so safe, that you could just be yourself.


I mean literally just yourself.


The YOU that you are when you:


finally let go of the need to be constantly doing, starting, completing, striving, working for a while;


have nothing to prove to anyone, no role or expectation to fulfill;


don't need to listen to anyone but yourself; 


witness your thoughts rather than reacting, responding and internalising them;


give yourself permission to let go of everything that society, work, parents, communities, or your own guilt or anger asks you to be.


When I watch you just be yourself, when I see that happen, it feels like you are breathing for the very first time.


And don't worry about how we make that happen, just trust that we do.


The weight of pushing, striving, shaping and molding yourself to fit a box that we were never meant to, visibly lifts from your shoulders and your face.


The numbness and lethargy from living life on someone else's terms and following someone else's rules slowly starts to dissipate and I can feel your heart open with excitement to new possibilities.


The secret jealousy and resentment that comes from feeling left behind in life or work because we don't have the huge bank balance yet, the size 8 yet, the perfect credit score yet, the big house yet, the 2.4 yet, the child who can read yet, the dog who doesn't poo in the house yet (sorry that was my personal one- when will it end lol) starts to melt away as you remember that which somewhere in there you already know- YOU ARE ENOUGH right now with or without all these things and you always will be!


And maybe the people that already come to X-Hail classes, have never thought of it that way before, but THAT is what that blissed-out after glow is!


It's the feeling of being YOU again.


And that matters more than how it reduces your stress levels.


It matters because, do it often enough, it shapes how you show up in your world.


It allows you to start living with true integrity. You start talking from the heart and speaking your truth, no longer letting society or that bolshy co-worker speak for you. You start standing up for yourself and what you really believe in again as you realise that for so long you've been betraying yourself to keep the peace, save face or keep up with the Jones'.


You stop settling for a life where you feel not good enough or left behind as you remember that you are on your own journey.


You stop wondering why you don't fit in because you remember that you were never meant to.


You stop looking in the mirror and only seeing the things you don't have or need to change as you remember that a mirror could never reflect your true beauty anyway.


You stop pushing yourself to burn out, constantly doing everything from the school run, to the washing, the cooking, the cleaning, the swiping and scrolling, the emailing, the networking, the managing, the buying, the selling, the entertaining, the DIY-ing because you finally remember, that even if you never lifted a finger again, never won another contract, gained a new follower, beautified yourself or the house, or achieved a new goal you'd still be enough!


You finally allow yourself to rest and remember to just enjoy your successes big and small.


You start pursuing your dreams,


not because it will look good on social media or because everyone else wants that car, that house, that man, that job... but because it sparks joy within you.


You start to live!


If you are ready to be just YOU again join us at an X-HAIL class or event near you by checking out our website .


We have instructors starting classes across the country in March!


If you want to dedicate a whole weekend to returning to YOU in luxurious surroundings why not join us for our

Slow Down, Breathe Deep Retreat in Anglesey April 26th-28th.


Luxury accommodation, private chef, life coaching, sunrise and twilight meditation and lots of free time to rest and reflect.


Drop me a line on for more details and check out our gorgeous video at 


Charlotte xoxo






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