'My name Is Niki and I run X-Hail Wirral.

Before I joined X-HAIL I had always fancied having a go at meditation, but had been put off by the Guru type people who make it look sooooooo easy, but actually don’t have any kids, don’t have any debts or 3 OTHER jobs to try and make ends and save up for Christmas, so didn’t really get me, or my mental non-stop constantly wigging out brain.
Then I found X-Hail.

I realised a real person was teaching the class, someone just like me, who had a real life, real problems and was someone who was reaching out to others totally non-judgmental, showing us that If they can do It so can we. I felt totally safe, I was allowed to just be. This made me feel like It was ok to be me and feel what I was feeling, It was all my own experience, and whatever happened was ok, no criticism
or not good enoughs, just my own experience.

It made me think 'I want to help people who feel like I did, to have this…..to create space for themselves to just be whatever they need to be and feel whatever they need to feel, to release, and let go…. and just relax.'
So here I am, reaching out , offering a safe space to Come Sit with Me…….


This Is for everyone…….This Is X-Hail.'



 Wallasey; New Brighton; Birkenhead; Moreton; West Kirby; Neston; Hoylake; Heswall; Bebington; Bromborough; Eastham



Adult classes, workshops and events & corporate/workplace sessions.

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