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Bored of listening to pan pipes and whale music whilst you're meditating?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Music is such a power part of an X-HAIL session.

We believe music is transformative.

We love how we can get lost in the beat, the rthym, the lyrics.

It can music transport you to a place of freedom, a whole other world .

It reminds you what it feels like to love.

It helps you remember your strength.

It is motivating and moving.

And quite frankly our sessions will never be without it!

Whilst creating X-HAIL's playlists and classplans to suit our gorgeous mix of mindful movement (think super easy yoga), breathwork and meditation techniques, I've listened to a fair few tracks but here are MY Top 5 MODERN songs for beginners to X-HAIL to:

  1. Weightless by Marconi Union- this is dubbed the world's most relaxing song and is often used to calm patients before surgery. Whilst it’s lyric-free it’s a refreshing alternative to the whales and pan pipes.

  2. Now we are free by Lisa Gerard- We use this beautiful track from the film Gladiator for our uplifting morning meditation sessions. We love to p lace the hands on the heart and imagine we are breathing in and out through the heart whilst calling to mind all the things we are grateful for- the smallest things right through to acknowledging the privilege that it is to be alive in this moment.

  3. Painter Valentine by Lapsley- we love using this track to support a breathwork meditation. Linking inhales and xhails to the rhythm of the track allows you to keep the breath deep and full and therefore super relaxing.

  4. Finally by Lusaint- this acoustic cover of the Cece Peniston dance floor classic just feels like the perfect backdrop for moving meditations full of mindful movement sequences and stretches.

  5. Silence by Delirium featuring Sarah McLachlan- this Ibizan classic holds space for breathwork or mantra meditation which transports you back to a blissful sunset at Cafe Del Mar!

DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:9rf5mI was too before I found these beauties.

You might spot these tracks appearing on our X-HAIL playlists amongst many many others. What are your favourite tracks to meditate to?

Charlotte xx

P.s. If you KNOW that spiritual practices like breathwork, movement and meditation shouldn't be reserved for the 'guru' few then join us an instructor. Applications are open now and demand has never been higher for relief from the madness of life. Send me an email on for all the details.

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