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2020? What a trip!

What we’ve been through this year has reminded me of why I started X-Hail in the first place AND why it is such a gift to the world right now.

After I had my little boy, my anxiety and depression came back with a vengeance.

I felt really lost and disconnected from my sense of self and purpose too.

I was also ridiculously skint as a single mum and suffering from a severe case of comparisonitis: punishing myself for not quite keeping up with society’s expectations, roles and standards.

One day I took a really deep breath...

... and all at once it was as if something shifted.

I was reminded of how much I loved my guided meditation and breathwork practice when I was pregnant.

I started to practice a little meditation every few days or so and over time I started to feel a little less stressed BUT it wasn’t until I combined my love of music with my practice and dropped most of the uptight, fussy rules and regulations that I started to really make progress.

Up until that point, even though I’d always felt spiritual, I’d secretly never felt spiritual enough to make meditation work for me.

I was the one holding a laugh in after I thought I’d heard my yoga teacher say something about turkey’s bums during a guided meditation or spending the entire time thinking how much my bum hurt sat on the floor.

I used to think I just wasn’t enough to do it right.

It was something I pretended to love but in reality it felt like a practice other more spiritual people did.

Practicing against a backdrop of music that I loved, rather than the pan pipes or whale song vibes, using a new technique I’d read about and reclining on the sofa rather than sitting in lotus on the floor meant that it felt more like me.

It stopped feeling like a chore.

And I’d cracked it!

I was going deep. Quickly and effortlessly.

And the benefits that I’d heard people talk of, were finally happening for me too!

The serotonin kept my mood in check; the oxytocin helped me feel connected and in touch with my feelings; the endorphins gave me a much needed energy boost without having to take up running with a new baby in tow and the re-distribution of blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex helped me reclaim my sense of self.

Not to mention the sense of connection to Source or God that somehow reminded me of my infinite capability, possibility, potential and capacity to love.

I remember at that time, looking at my baby asleep in his cot and at 6 months old I felt for the first time, that rush of love I’d heard other mums speak of when they held their baby for the first time.

Powerful right?

And that is why It’s so important to me, to find people like YOU, who want to share this method of meditation with the world.

And the bonus for me is that as they learn the very techniques that I used back then, they transform too, finally dropping all the layers of expectations, roles, standards and timelines set by society and coming back to who they really are beneath all that.

AND becoming successful business owners, generating a good income whilst feeling totally aligned to what they are teaching to boot!

If you are interested in learning more about our amazing training opportunity full of bonuses that we’ve never released before, that will ensure that you get to skyrocket your business as soon as you launch, then click here to join the waitlist.

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It’s the exact steps that I took to grow my business to where we are now with Google on our client roster and our expert tips being featured in national press like The Mail on Sunday!

Lots of love

Charlotte xx

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