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Do you really need training to lead meditation?

This truth may not be what you were expecting from a meditation and breathwork teacher training school...

You do not need formal training to create change in people's lives.

No matter what society tells us about needing to learn with the monks in Tibet... It's just not true.

If you are skilled at holding space, and some of us are naturally and you are in true alignment with the wisdom that wants to come through you from your soul, your spirit team, ancestors and the universe itself you could absolutely go out into the world and smash it!

BUT the vast majority of us need help learning the art of holding space and of relaxation;

most of us want tried and trusted frameworks and processes to help guide you;

most us need someone to coach them through the layers of protection you've placed over your ability to hear and trust your own wisdom;

most of us need and desire the support of a mentor, someone to call upon so that you can safeguard yourself and others when meditation inevitably brings up the stuff we need to heal;

most of us thrive in community and many of us need the accountability and ease of regular CPD sessions to keep you up to date with industry requirements, trends and developments.

That's why we LOVE doing what we do.

It's not because you need it.

Its not because you cant do it alone.

It's because we know that the power of training and being supported in our community! It supercharges your actions and fast tracks you towards your goals!

Take a look at our full range of courses HERE.

And get started with your first free training HERE where you will learn the 7 SECRETS TO LEADING GUIDED MEDITATION.


Charlotte xx

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